What is Vrijschrift?

We need a definition that is:

  • understood
  • sales story
  • but: without betraying the principles we stand for!

We need:

  • A standard one liner
  • A footer for press releases and letters
  • A clear one or two page explanation with
    • External links with more explanation
    • An internal static long story with the same links and more

One liner:

  • Freedom of Information

Recently Wiebe started using:

  • Foundation is an independent, community driven, knowledge center. We stand for a true knowledge driven information economy, for an exiting 21th century where collaborative development, communication and education through the net takes a central place by using proven non proprietary models and nurturing the public domain. The resulting availability and free flow of information and ideas not only maximizes the possibilities and effects when building further on efforts from others but also involves more people in the process of creating, speeding up the evolution of mankind...

The old one was:

  • Foundation is an independent, community driven, organization. The main objective of the Foundation is promoting and protecting digital publishable products with a non proprietary character. tries to create more awareness of the old culture of developing, sharing and the resulting beneficial effects for our society. Protecting the public domain is of great economical and social importance and forms a major concern. On international level we cooperate with FFII, FSF, Project Gutenberg, and many others.

De inhoud van deze site is zonder enige vorm van garantie beschikbaar onder zowel de GNU Free Documentation License als de Creative Commons Naamsvermelding-Gelijk delen-licentie