So what's needed to get FFII.be organized?

Communication Means

  • subscription via Galette
  • mass mails: using be-news as low traffic list for actions, meetings, etc.
  • before every mailing we synchronize mailman with the latest email adresses from galette (database dump and mass subscription in mailman, existing addresses are ignored then)
  • press: setup a be-pers/be-presse mailman list for Flemish/Walloon press releases

How to migrate to Galette

  • Send a mail to all belgian supporters and ask them if they can check/fill in their information on galette
  • Send a snail mail letter to all persons that don't react on the email.
  • Do a pilot with the active Belgian members to check that this system works.

an organisation (vzw / asbl)

  • statutes (for publication in staatsblad/moniteur belge)
  • president, secretary, treasurer

membership management

bank account

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