Some links on ACTA

NL ACTA consultation

April 2010 ACTA text

Essential analysis April text Text of Urgent ACTA Communique - English International Experts Find that Pending Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Threatens Public Interests June 23, 2010, American University Washington College of Law, Washington, D.C.

July 2010 Leaked ACTA text

La Quadrature du Net

FFII analysis

Knowledge Ecology International

Michael Geist


Bits of Freedom



India plans front to nip new piracy law


Michael Geist on counterfeiting numbers. U.S. Government Accountability Office study suggests that the claims associated with counterfeiting are massively overstated

Study, within two years, 46 percent, purchased the authentic version of the same product

Professor Annette Kur on vicious circel combatting counterfeiting!menu/standard/file/Kur%2C%20Max%20Planck.pdf (bladzijde 10)


KEI on injunctions

FFII on Injunctions and home copy


Rational Ignorance at the Patent Office

Reform US

FTC Issues Report on How to Promote Innovation Through Balancing Competition with Patent Law and Policy

Access to medicine

Climate change

Border measures

MPI, EU regulation review


Ombudsman on FFII complaint

FFII pr or

White House shares the ACTA Internet text with 42 Washington insiders, under non disclosure agreements



Lisbon Treaty

Google attorney slams ACTA copyright treaty, You don't want to play Russian roulette with very high statutory damages. google:

Criminal law

TRIPS commercial scale

Max Planck Institute on elements of the crime

Convention on Cybercrime Budapest, 23.XI.2001


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