Clip art, slide shows

Please feel free to use this art work without asking permission.

Some contain links to larger versions, some not. There are also PDF and GZipped PS versions (some in Dutch and German) containing scalable true line art. More resources:

sw_patent_patent_industry_eu.png PDF PS ||

sw_patent_any_problem_we_solve_it.png PDF PS ||

sw_patent_once_there_were_ideas.png PDF PS ||

sw_patent_in_the_heaven_of_gates_s.png PNG_Large PNG_Small PDF_UK PS_UK ||

sw_patent_of_course_you_can_breathe_freely_s.png PNG_Large PNG_Small PDF_UK PS_UK PDF_NL PS_NL PDF_D PS_D ||

sw_patent_so_you_have_an_idea_s.png PNG_Large PNG_Small PDF_UK PS_UK PDF_NL PS_NL PDF_D PS_D ||

sw_patent_dutch_bsd_logo.png PDF PS ||

sw_patent_ep689133_tabbed_dialogue.jpg ORG ||

sw_patent_detecting_patent_mines_uk.png PDF_UK PDF_NL ||

sw_patent_third_world.jpg ORG ||

sw_patent_inflation.png PDF PS ||

bycountry_s.png PDF PNG ||

sw_patent_blender.jpg ORG ||

sw_patent_ep394160_progress_bar.jpg ORG ||

sw_patent_open_office_logo.png PDF PS ||

sw_patent_pythagoras.png PDF PS ||

sw_patent_fair_play.png PDF PS ||

poster_eu_patents_in_the_heaven_of_gates_s.png ORG ||

poster_eu_patents_of_course_you_can_breathe_freely_s.png ORG ||

poster_eu_patents_so_you_have_an_idea_s.png ORG ||

karikatur_patentportfolio.jpg ||

polemic.png SXI PPT remote SXI PPT ||




maclaundry_th.jpg Full Vector_PDF ||




ffii-strike_s.png 100% ||

ffii-strike_over_s.png 100% ||

zh.png at.png be.png de.png eurolinux.png us.png uk.png ro.png se.png nl.png

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