Participants of the autumn camp in Markelo

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Please mention day of arrival and day of departure. And tell us what knowledge you could contribute.

  • Arend Lammertink (whole weekend)
  • Arebenti sa/sun: media workshop, protection shield flyer, regionalisation
  • Wiebe van der Worp: How NL did it.
  • Jeroen Dekkers (whole weekend)
  • Lars Noschinski (friday - sunday), Server infrastruture of FFII, (regionalisation)
  • Bernhard Kaindl - sorry, didn't made it, but I'm not idling, urgent stuff to do swpat-wise for the next days too

  • Harmen van der Wal (saterday - sunday. Coming by car from Maastricht with Benjamin. Will bring WIFI card and switch.)
  • Ante Wessels (whole weekend)
  • Jan Macek (whole weekend): situation in Poland (flying Wizzair to Bruxelles CRL, train from there, arrive Wed 2004-08-15 20:08 at Holten (or 21:08 or 22:08) (sleeping bag in the farmhouse)
  • Pawel/ Bigosinski (whole weekend) (travelling with Jan Macek)
  • Dieter Van Uytvanck (whole weekend, maybe, coming from Nijmegen by train)
  • Holger Blasum (whole weekend)
  • Geert Stappers (Saterday, leaving Sunday morning )
  • Benjamin Henrion (by Train from Bxl)
  • Reinier Bakels (by train, arrive Friday night, leave Sunday night) contribution t.b.d.
  • Rob Wolfram (only on Sunday)
  • Giorgio Travaini (by train from Bxl, from friday night, train arrive at Holten 21h08, to sunday), EU lobbying
  • Hartmut Pilch (fri-sun)

  • Unconfirmed
    • Laurence Van de Walle: European Parliament lobbying
  • Erik Josefsson: EU Lobbying, legal explanaition,


You can sleep for free in the farmhouse, if you bring your own matrass and sleeping bag. However, that would mean sleeping on a concrete floor in the main room (picture from before our cleaning action). You can also place a tent at the back, if you like.

There are also 12 beds (3 rooms for 4 persons each) available at the manege just across the road ( , which are EUR 25,- per person per night, including breakfast. Please add your name to the list below if you want to sleep at the manege

  • Bernhard Kaindl (two or three nights starting from Friday to Saturday)
  • Reinier Bakels (two nights)
  • Giorgio Travaini (two nights)
  • Benjamin Henrion (night of saturday)

You might also want to check out: , which is at a distance of about 4 kilometers. Another choice would be: De Hoestinkhof, Stationsweg 22a, 7475 NN Markelo, 0547 361812 (flash site: And there might still be one or two rooms left in the guesthouse of the restaurant ( +31 547 361344). List of Hotels in Markelo

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