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Schedule Saturday Afternoon

  • Situation in the NL (Ante Wessels)
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Program page

  • Vrijschrift.NL:
    • Arend Lammertink : How we did it. the situation in the Netherlands.
    • Wiebe vd Worp : And Now, the big picture. See AndNow

    • Ante Wessels : EU Procedures
    • Reinier Bakels : Legal aspects.
  • miernik: Situation in Poland
  • Bkaindl: FFII server infrastructure
  • legal aspects/Trips, Georg Jakob and Reinier Bakels (possibly 2 independent sessions)
  • media, arebenti
  • Protection shield, arebenti
  • Holger Blasum: can briefly talk about finance, if desired, and/or data and submission

Please feel free to add suggestions or schedule your event. Don't forget to add contact information!


  • saturday evening : visit local disco:

  • sunday evening : BBQ
  • GnuPG Keysigning Party
  • How to work on the council decsision
  • How to widen the movement - easy, accessible web sites like

  • November Conference?
  • discussion training -> role game with pro/against swpat people.

  • make sitemap of
  • coding
    • statistics for petition
  • media : figure out a list of swpats that are harmful to the media. We could use that as a tool to get media coverage.
  • Investigate: European Centre for Parliamentary Research and Documentation (ECPRD), a network of documentation and research services that cooperate closely to facilitate access to information. See . Does this ECPRD infringe on some swpats? Online: . How about other EU and/or national sites?

  • how to broaden our basis, ie. become more known in SMEs and inform them about the problems.
  • talk about setting up a news-letter. Lots of people do want to be kept informed, but don't want to plough through dozens of e-mails.
  • workshops
    • media workshop


arrival during the day


23:00 - 03:00 Visit local disco. Info: ArendLammertink. (Just as an example ...)


nothing planned yet


departure and cleaning up

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