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English (or translated) Vrijschrift texts

Council Vote Reversal Howto Possibilities to change a political agreement vote.

No pure software patents

same, as Open Office file

Letter to COSAC, december 16th 2004 The EU Presidency denies the new members the rights the Protocol on the Role of National Parliaments in the European Union grants them, the CII Directive Common Position will be illegal.

Letter to COSAC, september 5th 2004

The Digital Era needs a Paradise Law In 1256, Bologna adopted the Paradise Law, it abolished slavery. It was the first city in the world to do this. The world needs another Paradise Law now, software patents need to be abolished. And there is no better place to talk about this, than Bologna. Ante Wessels' Bologna speech.

Letter to Minister Brinkhorst

Freedom to innovate, june 22th, our rebuttal of the State Secretary's letter, june 16th

Debat july 1th

Debate june 24th

Non Vrijschrift texts

Motion Van Dam, july 1th

Study by PricewaterhouseCoopers with critical remarks on softwarepatents

A letter from the State Secretary, june 16th

"Answers to Parliamentary Questions, september 13th 2004":KamervrAnt040913EN

Council's rules of procedure

Treaties EN page 375: Protocol on the role of the national parliaments in the EU.

Lopez report and as OO doc: Lopez OO doc A political agreement is non-binding.



2 million SMEs against software patents

Short intro

Petition for a Software Patent Free Europe - Eurolinux petitie

Call for Action II

FFII it-parl mailing list join the Italian lobby

FFII Brussels mailing list Join the Brussels' lobby (European Parliament)

FFII to do en mailing lists


James Bessen and Robert M. Hunt. An Empirical Look At Software Patents. March 2004 Als pdf: PDF

To Promote innovation: The Proper Balance of Competition and Patent Law and Policy. Technical report, Federal Trade Commission, October 2003

National Research Council. The Digital Dillemma: Intellectual Property in the In-formation age. 2000

Deutsche Bank: Innovation in Germany - Windows of opportunity Softwarepatenten zijn slecht voor de innovatie, oproep aan de Duitse regering zich er tegen te keren.

Overview studies: Studies EN

Studies EN more

Patent watch

Inventor country Granted EP patents indexed by inventor country of residence. F.I. Italian inventors: less than 1.5 % of the inventions. Print version

Europe's strong position in Open Source software



See also

flowchart poster of the codecsion process

It's available in german and english, pdf or sxd. The original format is A0 (84x118cm) but you can easily reformat it, using openoffice and the sxd file.

Agenda EU


Engelstalige analyse

Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

Rapport van PriceWaterhouseCoopers with critical remarks on softwarepatents

International Herald Tribune

Still more

Patent Apocalypse "If every patent were 'exercised' it is hard to see how anyone would be able to write or sell any software at all" And: "We ardently hope that the US Patent Office hasn't fallen foul of one of the very patents that it, itself, has registered."

Wired: 10 patents

A nice illustration of how the practice of the EPO evolved over the years, and how the directive fits in.


Business Methods

Insurance against swpats


Swpat doc Greens

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