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You can create or edit the list of your quick links in your user preferences.

  • WikiWiki means “fast” in Hawaiian.

  • A WikiName is a word composed of two or more words with each separate word beginning with an upper case character.

  • Always use the singular for a WikiName, otherwise multiple pages for one topic might be created.

  • Be bold when updating pages.—Back ups from older versions of each page are created automatically.
  • By setting a bookmark on RecentChanges you can easily see what has been changed since your last visit.

  • CategoryCategory shows an overview of all available categories.

  • Clicking on a page's title will give you a list of all pages that are currently linking to it.
  • Do not create a new, very short page for a sub-topic when it fits on an already-existing page.
  • For your account name you should use a WikiName (FirstnameLastname).

  • In your user preferences you can use your own CSS to change the default layout.
  • Just type in URLs (—the wiki will convert them automatically to a link.

  • In your user preferences you can edit the list of your quick links.
  • In your user preferences you can use regular expressions for subscribing pages; with “.*” you subscribe to all pages.

  • OrphanedPages shows pages that no other page links to by a WikiName.

  • Set the Language in your browser's preferences or in your moin user preferences to English to read the wiki menus and messages in English.

  • Setting Language in your user preferences to English will allow you to receive emails from the wiki in English.

  • The use of categories helps organize your information.

  • Use WikiNames instead of URLs when linking to a page within the wiki.

  • Use Exclude underlay on FindPage to exclude the wiki's help pages from the fulltext search.

  • WantedPages shows WikiNames where currently no page exists.

  • When writing your email address, use <<MailTo(Firstname DOT Lastname AT example DOT net)>> to avoid spam.

  • Wikis are cool—especially if you have read the help pages (see HelpContents). ;-)

  • With {{attachment:myfile.png}} you can create a link to an attachment (and use the link to upload the attachment).

  • With {{attachment:myfile.png|alias description|&do=get}} you can create a download link to an attachment.

  • With “@SIG@” you can sign a text.

  • With “Add Link” you can add the current page to your list of quick links.

  • With “Check Spelling” you can initiate a spell check.—Only add unknown words if you are absolutely sure that they are spelled correctly.

  • With “Comments” you can toggle on/off the view of comments on the current page.

  • With “Info” you can look at the revision history of the current page.

  • With “Subscribe” you can be informed about changes on the current page via email.

  • You can avoid that a WikiName becomes a link if you place a ! in front of the word.

  • You can change the default size of the editor window in your user preferences.
  • You can create or edit the list of your quick links in your user preferences.
  • You can use other pages than the FrontPage as your personal start page, e.g. RecentChanges or your own homepage.

  • You may use non-ASCII characters (e.g. äæéłöŧüñ) on wiki pages and for the page names, too.
  • You may want to call Set bookmark on RecentChanges and come back later to read new changes. (For using that feature you have to be logged in!)

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