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Autumn Camp 2004

Autumn camp in Markelo ("What makes 17 Sept so different to justify an exclusion from autumn? (Autumn starts 23 Sept)"): FFII/Vrijschrift supporters meeting.

During the weekend from September 17 to September 20, people from FFII and Vrijschrift meet in Markelo.

Markelo is the south half of the [ Municipality] [ Hof van Twente] (the Garden of Twente), which is near the city of [ Enschede] in the Dutch region Twente ([ German] [ info] which itself is the south half of the Provence [ Overijssel] at the center-eastern border of [ the Netherlands]

[ Markelo] is only a few minutes away from major highways and only 10 km of Bus travel from the train station [ Holten]

On this [ Map] click on the red highway (A1) roughly halfway between Amelo and Deventer, and you'll see Markelo on the bottom.

The meeting will be held in the farmhouse next to the [ Romantik] [ Restaurant & Hotel 'In de Kop'ren Smorre'] ([ Pictures] The main target for the camp is to meet in real life with one another.

There's a room in the farmhouse that can be used for workshops, etc by about 30-50 people. The restaurant next door also contains some rooms, that might be useful. And it will be handy for food, etc.

In the farmhouse, there is an @home broadband internet connection (4 Mbit down, 512k up) and I will make sure there is a 10 mbit hub and wifi access point there. That's about it. Please bring your own wiring and further equipment.

Who will be there?

Please register at: AutumnCampMarkeloParticipants


Don't forget to register for a bed if you don't want to sleep in a tent: AutumnCampMarkeloParticipants


If you care for a really luxurous meal, you can have dinner and/or lunch in the restaurant next-door. This is also suitable if you want to bring in your favorite M(E)P. The menu card (in Dutch) :

We will make some special arrangements with the restaurant for those who would like a simple, cheap meal. Further details follow later.

Of course, you can visit the local Pizzeria: Pizzeria Il Campanile +31 547-363297

And there's also a possbility to pick-up Chinese food and there are some snackbars and a petit-restaurant, too.


Feel free to edit the ProgramMarkelo0409 page to add your item.

How to get there

Travel by train from Germany:

Further Info

Please contact ArendLammertink : +316 5425 6426

You can also check our irc channels to see if anyone is available: irc:// (Dutch) or irc://

Several castles and castle grounds in the vicinity of Markelo are open to the public and easily accessible from the village.

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